Saturday, June 21, 2008


As our first Edible Fear Factor is now over, I am amazed at Teens ability to literally eat anything. Considering I was having trouble just dishing out the goodies our two winners surely deserve a round of applause. WAY TO GO MIKE W. & BRODY J.!

Both teens ate everything served and quickly...Clamato Juice, Prunes, Chocolate Sauce covered Pickles, Cheetos in Lemon Juice, Ketchup on Cherry Jello, Meal Worms, Chocolate Covered Bugs and more. By far the worst for me were the sardines.

Mike and Brody each won a gift certificate to Culvers, 5 extra hours on the computer, a Lester Public Library 512K Flash Drive and a Summer Reading Program T-shirt. Was it worth it? The 60 people in the audience certainly thought so as the groans and gags attested.

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