Tuesday, April 7, 2009

MarioKart 500

Qualifying Rounds
Monday, April 6 & Tuesday April 7 1:00 PM

Final Races: Wednesday, April 8 1:00 PM

Participants interested in racing must race on ONE of the qualifying days. Top 24 Finalists from the qualifying rounds will compete on Wednesday, for the top 4 Final Racing Spots! Participants must be in 6th-12th grade. Snacks provided for the final race, spectators welcome. No registration required.

Day 1 Stats

Each racer did a time trial on 2 courses: Luigi Circuit & Coconut Mall. Times were then averaged. Standings are as follows:

Racer Time
Nick M. 2:00
Sam C. 2:02
Alex D. 2:21
Sam L. 2:27
Chris W. 2:30
Ethan W. 2:42
Steven S. 2:46
Becky V. 2:57
Anthony W. 2:63
Cassie C. 3:00
Emmett M. 3:10
Chris X. 5:89